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Politics: a new global approach required

by Cherryl
Global politics needed

Today I realised I hardly participate in politics. How come? As a child I was told I was blessed living in a democratic country. Moreover, I should be grateful for the fact I’m allowed to vote. Voting rights for females in the Netherlands are, as in many other countries, relative new. My grandma, mom, aunts, mothers-in-law and friends always urged me never to waive my rights to vote. But here I am, showing no real interest in:

  • our government activities;
  • our government budget;
  • its different parties;
  • any form of elections (country, province and city);
  • local politics

Current politics is about power and separation

In my opinion politics today, no matter where you live, is all about retaining power. Its focus is on differences instead of similarities. Political ideology also largely assumes that the people must be led. While I know that people are basically good and act ‘right’ from their moral compass. Some would argue: the moral compass of some is poorly developed and thus not much of a beacon. I don’t agree. If you look at Earth from the sky, there are no borders, no nationalities. There is only this amazing ‘floating’ globe and its inhabitants.

Everyone is family

Yesterday I remembered something from my childhood that made me want to write this post. I am partly of Indo descent (mom’s side). When I used to stay with my grandparents there was always family hanging around. Ranging from grandpas, grandmas, nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles. In-laws are family; no distinction made. Later on I came to realise that even (lifelong) friends where seen and treated as family.

A small anecdote. In elementary school within a short time several elderly relatives had died. So there I was again, handing over an absence-note to my teacher to attend the funeral. The teacher looked at me and asked: ‘Cherryl, how many grandparents do you have?’. Not understanding her, I smiled at her and my innocent and honest reply was: ‘Luckily still a lot more, madam’.

In my early 20’s I was exposed to a more common view on family. Differentiating blood-relatives, relatives by marriage and friendships. That became my new reality. As of yesterday I remember again how connected I felt seeing and treating everyone as my family. What a precious gift I had been given so long ago!

I realise that our viewpoints of family tree, nationality, religion, attitude to life, gender, etc. make us feel separated from each other. Although we are all part of the human family.

Global politics

What If we could let our politics rise above the separating elements? What if we realise that we are all family and take care of each other? What if all resources of the earth are shared in reverence with all its inhabitants and what if increased prosperity for all is not to the detriment of the whole? What if we do not pursue national nor regional politics, but we engage in global politics in love and compassion for all its inhabitants.

Illusion of insufficiency

What if we collectively ensure that ALL people on Earth live in dignity. Without making them dependent. That we stop collecting and hoarding, because we are afraid of insufficiency. Look at what happened when COVID19 started. Initially there was plenty, but due to hoarding behavior (fear of shortages) the distribution was unfair. And thus we created our so feared ‘shortages’ ourselves.

I repeat there was never a shortage, only unfair distribution of items. Meanwhile leaving others to the mercy of the ones who bought and stockpiled everything. COVID19-related we considered it anti-social behavior.

Our daily anti-social behavior

Unfortunately it is daily practice when it comes to food, water, medicine, energy sources and money. People are still dying, because they don’t have access to clean water, food, generic medicines, a home or money. Again, it is not because there is not enough available in the world. There is only unfair distribution.

As long as collecting & hoarding continues the global experience of insufficiency continues as well

Neale Donald Walsch


I am committed to a humane world politics, that takes into account all people, regardless. I do not wish to validate the current national political system by participating. And because I feel people don’t need to be led, I will be my own authority and regulate my own behavior. By always using every moment to become the greatest version of myself.

♥, Cherryl