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Direction: Do you have a personal roadmap?

by Cherryl

The last couple of years I felt lost. There was no direction. I was walking my path not knowing where my life was heading anymore. It was not that I didn’t like my life, but it just felt off. I missed a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment, although I was doing and being many things. I was lacking growth and mostly inspiration.

Direction needed

Reading books, spending time in nature, meditating and participating in MindValley quests helped me remember that I love growth and transformation. And I just needed to step up in that game. It was like walking in a dense fog. With every step I got more comfortable and things became more clear.

Yesterday I finalised my personal roadmap, based on the 3 MIQ’s of Vishen Lakiani. I added an extra column as I want my ‘World Vision’ to guide and support my Experiences, Growth activities and Contributions. Thank you to MindValley for making all this amazing content from all these amazing people available to many! And I want to share my roadmap with you as it may inspire you and help you determine your direction.

My personal roadmap

♥, Cherryl