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Energy healing

by Cherryl

In 2020 I started a new adventure; energy healing. Luckily, I enrolled in LifeForce Energy Healing®, to become a Master Graduate Teacher at the Deborah King Center. Deborah King is a leading authority on energy healing, and I was beyond excited to be admitted to her carefully curated certification program. Last summer I finalized her certification course. And now I’m ready to spread my wings.

Energy healing starts in the universal field, also known as the cosmic field. Some also call it God, Buddha, Mohammed, Consciousness, Atman/Brahman or otherwise. Current science in the form of quantum physics is rediscovering what mystics have known for centuries. The starting point for energetic healing is that our physical body arises from the energy field.

Before birth, each person has a personal energy field, which consists of 7 layers, which interpenetrate each other. These energy layers communicate with the chakras in our body. Chakras are vital energy centers in our body that rotate. They bring new energy into our body and drain old energy. Basically, the same as our respiratory system does.

The optimal functioning of our chakras disturbs easy. We often do this unconsciously by denying our emotions and thus ‘hold on to’ them in our body. As result the energy in our body cannot flow and refresh enough, resulting in physical complaints in the long term.

Energy healing does not directly focus on the physical condition, but aims at rebalancing your human energy field. We do this by removing blocked energy (emotions), charging the field (like a battery) and bringing the whole back into balance. Indirectly this also effects your body, because everything is connected.

What does a healing session look like?

During the session, a short intake of only 2 minutes takes place. If you have complaints that you want to pay extra attention to, you can of course mention them. When you attend a healing session at my private practice in Hilversum (NL), you will lie on your back on the massage table with your clothes on. If we do the work via Zoom, you will receive a link from me and then you will sit at home in a comfortable chair or lie down somewhere.

The session itself takes between 20-40 minutes. Allow 10 minutes afterwards to integrate.

In order to promote maximum integration of the energy work, there will be no talks after the treatment. This is to prevent the session itself from being discussed and to turn on the client’s head / brain on the one hand. On the other hand, because as practitioner I’m not always fully aware of the extent of the healing and I don’t want to interfere your integration with untrue od incomplete information.


A treatment á 125 euro is one session at the time and paid in advance to avoid administration afterwards. People who can’t afford it (which can be the case for many valid reasons) can opt for a Wednesday morning session á 15 euro as I hold spots available for this purpose (note: it might take a while).

Book a session

Interested in a (follow up-)session? You can always contact me to make (another) appointment. I love to work with as many people as possible and in these strange times we all can use it. Share my details if you know someone who is interested or benefits from it, so they can contact me. Or book a private session via deborahking.com (scroll down to the bottom of the page and go to private sessions).


♥, Cherryl (whatsapp: +316-23900803)