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6 tips all sugar free. How to get started?

by Cherryl
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If you have the intention to biohack your blood sugar by going all sugar free (so no sugar at all not even fructose) for a week. It might be helpful to have some tips upfront. I really would have appreciated them, the first time I accepted the challenge. I didn’t consider myself a sugar addict and because of that I totally underestimated the impact of this entire experiment. So the following 6 tips all sugar free will get you going.

6 tips all sugar free

Tip 1 Preparation

There are many ways to prepare yourself. Educate yourself about different types of sugar and it’s impact on your body and emotions is one way. Read the experiences of other bloggers (check out for example my experience) can help as well. Put a grocery list together of foods you are allowed to eat and stock some items in your kitchen. While doing this go through your kitchen cupboards and get rid of items you are not allowed to eat, so your mind cannot play games with you and you’re not tempted.

Tip 2 Team up and laugh about it

Something that I found pretty helpful in hindsight was doing this biohack together with some one else. It is good to be able to share your emotions, the struggles, the learnings and everything else you encounter on a daily basis. Some one who understands and can support in the tougher moments. It’s great to be able to share your astonishments and laugh about what’s happening to you at the same time. Don’t take it too serious.

Tip 3 Planning

The perfect time for this all sugar free week doesn’t exist. And your mind will come up with a dozen reasons why this is not a good moment to start. However don’t pick the busiest week in the office or a week with your child’s birthday, be nice to yourself. If you have picked a week, make a planning (grocery shopping, meals to eat, activities during the week). Don’t let the daily madness take over, because you might be surprised by hunger or sugar craving. Be prepared the entire week.

Tip 4 Just do it

Don’t think too much about it, just do it. You will feel uncomfortable at some moments for sure. What’s the worst that can happen?

Tip 5 You are NOT your emotions

Don’t identify yourself too much with your emotions. You can feel anger, frustration or without energy, but keep in mind emotions come and go. Just acknowledging them can help in dealing with them, that’s when a partner in crime (tip 2) comes in handy.

Tip 6 Reframe your mind

Setting your intention can be a very powerful tool in succeeding in this challenge. Why are your doing this, what do you want to achieve? Don’t approach it as a punishment, consider it a gift to yourself. Instead of giving up sugar you start eating for a better health!

Hope these 6 tips all sugar free will give you some guidance and support. If you want some more detailed information, you might want to read my Diary: my 10 days all sugar free. Good luck and have fun!

♥, Cherryl