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A new trend: Biohacking. What???

by Cherryl
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Last year my husband (although we don’t have the legal status, it is the best way to describe the nature of our relationship) came across Bulletproof Coffee. And thus in contact with, Dave Asprey (founder of Bulletproof and author of the bestseller ‘The Bulletproof Diet’) and his many biohacks. Immediately we both were fascinated by his approach and especially the joy he expressed in his podcasts doing some of the weirdest hacks. Biohacking was a complete new phenomena to us.

So, what it is biohacking?

Biohacking is about changing both your external and internal environment so you have more (full) control of your biology. Allowing you to upgrade your body, mind, and life. Or by quoting Dave:

The art of using technology to change the environment both inside and outside of your body to take control and make it do what you want.


Just some examples of biohacks, to get a better understanding:

  • Cold therapy (the Wim Hof Method for example, as mentioned in an earlier blog, or cryotherapie)
  • Drink coffee with butter (Bulletproof coffee) as morning routine
  • Taking supplements (like ketoprime or MCT-oil to increase brainpower)

The curious, geeky and playful child in me had awakened and wanted to be part of the fun. After my 10-days-100%-sugar-free challenge and 30-days-no-cheese-at-all challenge I was ready for the next step :-)!

Mind games

But my brain told me immediately that I hate being in crowds, let alone conference centers. ‘You’ll be sitting inside all day’. ‘All those people will be loud and smelly at one point’. ‘There will be queues everywhere; especially for drinks and bathrooms!’ ‘Isn’t there a similar conference in Europe somewhere?’ ‘And why on earth would you join a biohacking conference at all, there will be weird people only?’ and my brain could remind me of enough practical reasons not to join this conference. But, we just went!

Bulletproof Biohacking Conference 2016

And so we ended up in sunny Pasadena, California as participants of the 4th Bulletproof Biohacking Conference. And I must say I had the time of my life! There were some really inspiring key note speakers like:

  • Bo Eason on executing greatness through story telling
  • Kristin Comella on regenerative medicine: stemcell therapy. (Next time I’m in California I will definitely visit her clinic to have some stem cells removed. High on my wish list!)
  • Jim Kwik on accelerated learning. The brain learns best by creating and not by consuming
  • Matt Riemann on epigenetics; biohacking Your Personal Health Code
  • Dr. Gerald Pollack – The 4th Phase of Water. Pollack claims water has a 4th phase that occurs in water causing it to be structured. This water is actually H3O and not H2O and is healthier for humans.

Unfortunately Alberto Villoldo (a clinical professor-turned-shaman) couldn’t be there after all. Which was a pity. As I was reading one of his books ‘One Spirit Medicine’ (in Dutch: ‘Het Amazonemedicijn’), I would have loved to hear him speak.

Bulletproof TechHall

But the best part for sure was the TechHall with all (interactive) biohacking technology. I felt like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. We could try things like the oxygen bar, intravenous nutrient drips, neurofeedback sessions, exercise hacking, supplements, whole body vibration, brand-new virtual reality technology and much more. Below some pictures:

light bulbOxygen bar biohacking IV drips menuNeurofeedback

Biggest take away: be curious and playfull

What was the biggest take away after the Biohacking Conference? Experiencing again the positive impact of curiosity, playfullness and exploration (which in my opinion are vital to the human spirit), to my emotional and mental state, was the most profound biohack in the end. Who would have guessed just that? Knowing and experiencing are two different things, and most of the time I am too absorbed by daily chores, my work and/or raising my children, just like everyone else. Re-living this part of my natural state of being was liberating and worth repeating!

♥ Cherryl

PS The Bulletproof Convention 2017 has been pre-announced already, so you might consider attending it. I’m actually not that familiar yet with European biohackers, so please drop some names in the comments. Thank you!